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Recommended Grease for MST Rite Angle Attachment

Mobil Mobilux EP-1 or Shell Alvania EP-1

Recommended Oil for Kitagawa Rotary Table

Mobil Vactra #1:
RS100, MR120, MR160, MR200, MR250, MR320, TMX160, TBX160, TT101, TT140, TT(TW)182, TM-100-2R, TM-100-3R, TM-160-2R, TM-160-3R, TC-5C-1, TC-5C-1A, TC-5C2A, TC-5C-3A

Mobil Vactra #2:
TMX200, TMX250, TBX200, TBX250, TBX320, TRX320, TR401, TR500, TR630, TT(TTS251), TT(TTS321)